How Sun Damage Impacts Your Vehicle and How to Prevent It

Cars are not immune to the UV rays. Many people know that paint repair may be necessary if enough sun damage accumulates on your vehicle. But the paint on your vehicle is not the only thing that the sun damages. Sun damage not only depreciates the worth of your vehicle and the quality of the paint job but can also the interior of your vehicle. Understanding the damage caused by the sun and how to prevent it will ensure your vehicle stays looking great for a long time. Protection against the sun is essential, especially in the summer months.  

Damage From Sun Exposure 

Vehicle damage from sun exposure includes many different facets. Many people are aware that when your vehicle sits in the sun for an extended period of time, the paint begins to crack and fade. This would call for paint repair if left for too long as this degrades the overall quality of the paint job. However, you may have heard about the temperatures of a car left unattended being dangerous for humans and animals in the media, but your vehicle is undergoing those temperatures often. Those kinds of temperatures can have lasting effects on your vehicle’s interior. Some of these effects are: 

  • Carpet and Upholstery Fading 
  • Seat and Dashboard Cracking 
  • Airbag Damage 
  • Broken Belts or Hoses 
  • Lower Tire Pressure 

How to Protect Your Vehicle 

Protecting your vehicle from sun damage is easy if you know what to do! You should keep your vehicle clean; dirt particles and debris stick to your vehicle and bake in the sun and fade the paint over time. Using a windshield protector can protect your dashboard and steering wheel from the intense UV rays of sun exposure. Seat covers and steering wheel covers also help prevent erosion from UV rays. Leaving a window cracked can help circulate the air inside your vehicle and reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle. Parking in the shade is another great way to reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle! Preventative maintenance is another great way to ensure sun exposure is not damaging your tires, belts, hoses, or airbags! By taking it into our shop, you can keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance and know when a problem is occurring before it becomes catastrophic!  

When to Bring It in for Paint Repair 

We’ve talked a lot about the unknowns of sun damage on your vehicle, but what about paint damage from sun exposure? Paint damage is often the most immediately noticeable damage on your vehicle. You may need paint repair if it has depreciated to a great extent. Your vehicle’s paint can chip or fade over time. Often leaving your car looking worn out and older than it may be. Minimal sun damage can be repaired, but you may need to see our auto body shop for a complete paint repair job for more significant sun damage.