There are many different stages to the repair process. Most customers don’t know what to expect when they bring in their vehicle for restoration or collision repair. Here we have listed the different stages in sequence so you can get a full picture of what your vehicle will go through in order to get it to its pre-accident or restored condition.

The following are the steps needed from start to finish in your repair process:

1. The Estimate
2. Disassembly
3. Damage Report
4. Repair
5. Refinish
6. Buffing
7. Detail
8. Final Inspection


The first thing that needs to happen is for our Estimator to inspect the car and fill out a written estimate. An estimate is a visual damage report. It is the damage that can be physically seen at the time of the inspection.


During the disassembly process, all damaged parts are removed in order to expose and identify all possible hidden damage. All removed parts, whether damaged or undamaged are kept in an organized storage area. In some cases, insurance companies will request photos of all damaged parts.


When the Disassembly Process is completed, a re-inspection of your vehicle will be conducted to identify any hidden damage.


A damage report is the blueprint for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition. All of the damage can be identified once the vehicle is disassembled and a damage report can be completed. Next, any prior damage is identified and documented by photos and a checklist.


A damage report is the blueprint for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition. All of the damage can be identified once the vehicle is disassembled and a damage report can be completed. Next, any prior damage is identified and documented by photos and a checklist.


Our auto body technicians ensure all body, mechanical, and frame repairs meet your expectations. If frame repairs are needed, we use a computerized frame machine during the repair to verify the condition of your frame and get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition.


Next it’s off to our paint shop where it will receive several coats of PPG Base Coat in your choice of color which is then followed by several coats of Clear Coat Finish.


Your vehicle’s paint is mixed in our mixing room using PPG Automotive Finishes. Our paint mixing system is fully computerized, using the latest technology in color matching. All painting is done in our downdraft paint booth. A variety of special effects are also available upon request, Harlequin, House of Colors, and Candy finishes, just to name a few.


After receiving its brand new finish, your pride and joy comes back into the repair area to be carefully re-assembled.



Then we will water sand and buff your new beauty to a showroom finish. The buffing process cleans up the newly refinished areas. The buffing process can also restore some of your vehicle’s dull paint areas. This can be a more economical alternative to refinishing your entire vehicle.


Your vehicle is now in the detail process and it will receive a full detail inside and out. This is a free service that we are proud to give our customers who are having their vehicle repaired with Town Line.


When the detail process is complete, your vehicle will go through a comprehensive final check conducted by our Shop Manager. His strict quality control check not only ensures that your expectations are met, but exceeded.




If you need a ride home when your vehicle is dropped off and a car rental is not needed, let us help with our local pick up and drop off service! Or, let us make the reservation for you, if you need to rent a car.


Whether you have rental coverage on your own insurance policy or another insurance company is paying, we can call and make a reservation. We try to make the process go as smooth as possible with fewer headaches for you!


Parts are usually new, straight from the dealer. Occasionally, we may need to use aftermarket, used, or reconditioned parts.


Correctly ordering high quality parts is a top priority at Town Line Body Shop Inc. Our Shop Manager closely inspects all parts that are delivered to the shop.


We are here to keep you up to date about your car and handle your scheduling needs. Our goal is to repair your vehicle in a professional and timely manner. However, depending on what’s needed in the repair process, sometimes it can be difficult to determine an exact completion date. So we will update you frequently during the restoration and repair process according to your individual needs to make sure we keep you in the loop on our progress.


At Town Line Body Shop, we are proud of the state-of-the-art equipment we use to make sure your work is done with the utmost expertise and quality.


We offer the CCC Comp-Est estimating system, a comprehensive electronic estimating software system, which includes digital imaging and the latest data for all domestic, foreign and early models.


Our newest addition is the Chief Automotive Systems Impulse framing machine. We also offer the Shark® Millennium computerized measuring system.



Town Line Body Shop guarantees repairs against any defect in paint or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle, unless caused by damage as a result of unreasonable use, maintenance, negligence, collision, or care of the vehicle. This guarantee is for labor only. Rust work is guaranteed for 90 days. Separate manufacturer’s warranty may cover parts. Warranties are not transferable.



At Town Line Body Shop, all unusable sheet metal is picked up by a local recycling company. It is a small impact on the environment, but we like to do our part.