After a collision or another mishap on the road, our experienced craftsmen at Town Line Body Shop will expertly restore your car to pristine condition. From laser alignments to automotive restoration welding and onsite baked finishes, we complete all work in-house. Services always begin with pressure washing throughout the undercarriage, and we keep a photo album of the progress that our team makes so that you can confirm the quality of the work across all stages of the project. From the efforts that we take to secure all vehicles that we work on to the pricing options available, we take the stress out of returning your car to impeccable condition. When you contact our auto experts today, you can request a consultation and estimate for the work that your car requires.

  • Start to finish photo album
  • Pressure washing of entire car including undercarriage
  • Experienced craftsmen working on your car
  • All types of welding as needed
  • Frame re-alignment if needed
  • Laser alignment
  • Baked finishes in our on site paint shop
  • Free consultation during the entire process
  • Several pricing programs available for your convenience
  • Safe and secure storage while your car is being restored
  • Pick up and delivery


One of the many services that we offer at Town Line Body Shop is laser alignment. Through laser alignment, our detail-oriented craftsmen will ensure that your vehicle’s axles are in great shape through the use of light beam technology. Specifically, a laser alignment service allows our team to fine-tune the front wheel alignment so that the vehicle runs smoothly. While you may assume that the front wheels should point directly forward, they actually must be placed at a slight angle. Laser alignment enables razor-sharp precision that is tailored specifically to meet your vehicle’s needs. When you contact Town Line Body Shop for a consultation, we can answer your questions about laser alignment so that you feel confident about the work that is required on your vehicle.



We are one of the few auto restoration centers in the local area that offer onsite baked finishes. The application of fresh paint is often necessary to create a truly flawless end result, and we complete all paint work on-site. Our craftsmen utilize onsite baked finishes to dramatically improve the drying and curing time. As a result of onsite baked finishes, we are able to complete the work more efficiently so that our customers can get back on the road as soon as possible. Because onsite baked finishes cure quickly, the risk of tiny particles settling on the car and drying into the paint is diminished. If your car’s restoration needs involve repainting, onsite baked finishes are essential for pristine results.


Our auto craftsmen at Town Line Body Shop have the expertise required to complete all aspects of a restoration in our shop, and this includes automotive restoration welding work. Through skilled automotive restoration welding work, rust patches, punctures, cracks and more in the metallic surfaces of the vehicle can be perfectly erased. In many cases, automotive restoration welding is required before the application of fresh paint and onsite baked finishes. By completing automotive restoration welding and all other restoration services in-house, we maintain complete control over the quality of the work and the timeline for the project. If your vehicle has body damage that requires welding work, you can trust our skilled welders to deliver incredible results that you can be proud of.