Summer Auto Body Repair Needs

Hot weather can perpetuate unique auto body damage. When temperatures rise outside, they can rise even more inside the car. The upholstery gets hot, and the plastic parts can crack. Additionally, there is a toll that sun and heat can cause paint, tires, and the engine. It all can take a beating from the hot summer weather if not appropriately monitored and maintained.

However, the feature that is most often forgotten and which shows the effects of excessive temperature is your car’s exterior (the paint job). So, if you do not protect your car from the harsh rays of sunlight, it can eventually start looking a bit worn. The paint will look scratched, patchy, blobs of popped-up paint will appear because of peeling paint. The good news is that you can protect the finish through practices that do not require a lot of money or a lot of special products.

Save yourself the cost of expensive auto body repair work by exercising preventative measures.

Dirt Does Not Protect the Paint

Contrary to what you think, dirt does not protect your car’s paint job. Yes, you need a defensive layer to protect the car against the harsh sunlight. What you need is a wax coating. Waxing your car adds a protective coating to the paint and protects it against sunlight. No. Dirt only looks like it blocks out the sun, but it actually creates scratches in the finish. So as the weather gets hotter, waxing the car and washing it more frequently can actually prevent it from getting damaged in the harsh summer weather.

Heat from the Engine

The excessive heat from the engine also contributes to paint damage. The engine’s temperature gets hotter in the summer, and it can be difficult to keep it cool. Keep the coolant system working efficiently and take your car in for regular engine maintenance checks so that it does not too hard to keep the engine cool and does not damage the paint.

Shaded Parking

Look for shaded parking whenever you can. It can help keep your car cook and protect the car paint. When less direct sunlight reaches the car, it reduces the stress and wear the car receives. Keeping the car parked under shade will save your paint, make it last longer and prevent the need to look for a good auto body repair shop to repaint the car.

Garage It

Yes, it may be more convenient to leave the car parked by the sidewalk, so you do not have to open the garage, but the garage is there for a reason. It keeps your car safe when you are not driving it. The garage protects your car’s exterior and interior from harsh weather. So, take the time to put the car in the garage when you come home.

Bottom Line

If you have not cared about the way your car looks recently, start with a simple car wash. When you can, wax your car too. Getting rid of dirt can eliminate the possibility of scratches and give your car a better chance of coming through the summer unscathed.