When is Frame Straightening Needed?

Frame straightening is needed when a collision has exerted an exceptional force that has bent or damaged the frame. Frame straightening is required to bring a vehicle back to its original state. A collision of that magnitude and severity generally indicates that damage is severe. It’s not an easy fix to bend the metal back into place. This kind of repair is taken underneath the car’s shell as this is likely hidden damage that, if left unresolved, can lead to long-term issues. Leaving your vehicle’s frame damaged can lead to problems with its performance, structure, and safety integrity.   

What is frame straightening?   

Frame straightening is the process of restoring your vehicle’s frame to its original shape after a collision. To perform this repair, professional-grade tools are required. By using ultrasound technology, our computers can see the degree of damage and how much alignment will be necessary for repair. Our frame machine uses torque and hydraulics to pull or push on the frame to straighten it. This process is done carefully and precisely so that the frame will be as close to the original state as possible. Frame straightening is essential to restore any vehicle that has suffered frame damage as the frame is the skeletal structure of the vehicle.   

How safe is frame straightening?  

Your vehicle is safe after an experienced technician has repaired it. You can be confident driving your vehicle again as the electronic equipment used is adequately realigned following the manufacturer's specifications. However, there are several safety risks if you do not restore your bent frame. By not undergoing frame repair, your vehicle is unsafe to drive and, as a result, may invalidate your insurance and even mean a criminal offense. The frame provides protection; if it is damaged, it cannot provide that protection. Your safety should be your number one priority on the road, and by repairing your vehicle’s frame, you are ensuring that you are as safe as possible in your vehicle.   

Why you should go to the professionals

Professional frame straightening is something our automotive body shop specializes in. Our collision repair shop has the expertise and technicians to handle these repairs. These kinds of repairs require:  

  • Experienced technicians  
  • Professional-grade equipment  
  • Expert knowledge  

These three things are the keys to success when performing frame straightening for your vehicle. A professional repair shop should handle anything more than a small dent. That’s precisely why we exist. We have the tools, knowledge, and technicians necessary to get your vehicle back on the road safely. Auto body shops deal with collision damage all day and are fully equipped to handle the damages.