Rust on Vehicles

Spotting corrosion on a car is every car owner's nightmare since this shows signs of horrific endings if not attended to with urgency. This menace has the potential of making an expensive set of automobiles look like a worthless one. It is a silent killer that accelerates your car's depreciation rate, thus reducing its resale value at a more significant margin. However, do not panic if you spot a section of Iron oxide on your vehicle since there are suitable methods for solving this problem if attended to urgently. Here we will discuss some of the reasons why vehicles rust and some methods of solving and preventing this on your vehicle.

Before we dig into the causes, let's first understand this menace. Rust is the simplified name of Iron Oxide; this is the result of an electrochemical process called corrosion. This process occurs through exposure to oxygen and moisture(water) for a prolonged period, eventually leading to disintegration and deformation.

Here are several factors that could make your vehicle develop Iron Oxide:


Since your vehicle's body is steel which contains iron, when exposed to rain and the environment, which contains oxygen, there is a high chance that corrosion will occur. Therefore, if you are expecting rain, cover your vehicle and shield it from this.

Salty environment

As discussed, humidity and oxygen cause the development of Iron Oxide. The environment plays a massive role in the likelihood of corrosion on your vehicle. in neighborhoods where there is much salt in the environment, such as the coast, the likelihood is higher since salty water is a more excellent conductor of electrons than saltless water.

Poor Maintenance

Lack of regular washing of your vehicle could be a massive factor in corrosion on it. Not having regular mechanical maintenance could also increase the odds of Iron Oxide on your car. Therefore, develop regular maintenance of your vehicle since if there is any sign of this, there will be an urgent solution, thus not lead to catastrophic results.

Restorative Solutions

Have you spotted corrosion on your vehicle? Do not panic since there are measures you can take to protect your vehicle from long-term effects. If you are a professional, you can go ahead and remove the patches of Iron Oxide on your vehicle through methods such as touch-up painting. But as much as these seem simple, it is recommendable that you approach us for auto body services, and we will do the work for you satisfactorily and professionally.

Preventive Measures

Here are some of the measures to observe to prevent Iron Oxide from developing on your vehicle:

  • The use of anti-rust coating highly applies to people living in a risky environment that increase the chances of Iron Oxide developing on their vehicle. Seek the services of our auto body professionals who will guide you on this.
  • Regular maintenance, including regular high-pressure washing of your vehicle, is vital since it enables cleaning off particles from complex parts to reach.
  • Also, keep a close lookout on your vehicle's vulnerable areas such as seals, drain holes, and water channels for signs of corrosion. Once you identify any of these signs, take immediate action with the help of one of our mechanics.

Learning the causes of corrosion on your vehicle, as discussed above, has the effect of instilling confidence in you in knowing how to prevent and provide a solution to it when it happens.